Pass the B1 – Speaking and Listening Test for TfL Licence Application 

Pass the – Health and Safety and Equality and Diversity Test for TfL licence Application

Are you planning to take your test for the 2 part or element at TfL and need support to prepare and pass this test?  Well, great news we are here ready and equipped with the relevant resources to support you.  As a matter of fact, you have a choice of attending the session on our premises or in the comfort of your own home on zoom.

B1 English Language tests Preparation for Private Hire Drivers

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that effective October 2021, all new applicants, and existing private hire drivers applying to renew their licence must pass a speaking and listening test and another element which involves knowledge of Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity and regulatory understanding relating not just to the general terms as they are but linked towards the industry.

We are best fit to support with these training.

Why should you choose us?

Trinity college was one of the organisations chosen by TfL, previously, to hosts these exams and by extension we were one of their listed providers to support with the preparation process.

We have done very well during that period as we had 100% pass rate with all the drivers that we have trained, even those who originally was not confident in speaking, reading and writing when they came to us.  We did the training and they sat the exam at Trinity College London.

What is this saying?  This means that we will be able to deliver the updated requirement from TfL and we are looking forward to supporting all our drivers with the same passion as in the past.

TfL fee:  £36

If you have taken the test and would need to resit, it means you need our support which we are offering at a low cost.

Our Fee: Element 1 – Speaking and Listening Preparation – £10

Our Fee:  Element 2 – 10 Units – £80  – Training and Preparation for the Safety, Equality and Regulatory Understanding Assessment

This is covering the full 10 knowledge units. Note that we have tried to keep the price at an affordable level because we are Learners Progress College and progression is at the heart of our core aim.  We are offering training at £8 per unit.

These will be delivered by teachers who are well trained to teach the speaking and listening component and also the Health and Safety and Equality and Diversity in addition to knowledge of regulatory requirements within the industry.  So rest assured you will receive quality delivery.

You will actually be completing a training programme and will subsequently receive a certificate from the college following completion.  You will also be able to use this certificate on your CV for future purposes.

Other Support Opportunities 

Practice test papers – £5  for each and this is optional) – We have a variety of practice test papers covering all the 10 units of the assessment 

Mock exams  – £5 for each mock (this is optional) 

Note that  TfL indicates that passing the Safety, Equality and Regulatory Understanding Assessment will also mean that you have the required English language skills of reading and writing in order to be licensed as a London PHV driver.  
Kindly contact the college on 020 3475 5499 to make arrangement for an assessment.  This is necessary to arrange your training plan.

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Remote training from home

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