Overview and Background

Learners Progress College strongly believe in progressing young people who find it challenging to settle or establish themselves in a mainstream environment. We understand that the younger generation is the future, therefore, we strive in making a future for those who lack confidence or feel the need to isolate themselves from the world.

Supporting learners and providing pastoral support is what we enjoy and applaud ourselves of as we know that our local community needs our help in progressing learners or even going to the next stage in life, whether that be in education or into employment.

We have a range of services available for learners referred through to us ranging from the ages of 16 – 24. We at Learners Progress College have been supporting the most vulnerable, lacks self-confidence, indecisive of career pathway, prefer one to one support, economically and academically inactive and so on since 2013 and have established our own record of success within this environment.

As mentioned above we are very proud of what we do and are always in the community looking for opportunities to ensure that learners who are at risk of becoming NEETS or who are already at this status are able to achieve what they want with a slight, kind and supportive push.

We support learners into education and also into employment as mentioned above. In doing this we have a range of services which learners can benefit from. We run a pre-apprenticeship programme or pre-employment programme on a small scale with a maximum number of 12 learners in one class at one given time. We also have computer suits which are boarded into cubicles for privacy and self- comfort. We have taken a range of steps in letting learners feel comfortable while they establish an educational commitment where they are happy and feel comfortable and safe.

We also have one to one support sessions as required tailored for the needs of individual learners in keeping with their Individual Progression Plan(PIP)

We support learners into University by offering BTEC courses at level 3 for those who are able to work at this level. For those who would like to upskill themselves either into further education or employment, we offer them pastoral support alongside smaller courses such as: Work skills, Construction Knowledge, Customer Service, Law and legal Work and many more. We have support workers who work very closely with the learners in supporting them into work or education.

We run a range of programmes which support the learners into employment, if that’s the pathway they’d like to take. We provide a “Pre Apprenticeship” programme where learners get a taste of employment alongside some relevant qualifications depending on the pathway chosen.

We are passionate about supporting our learners into employment or at least help them receive some work experience, providing opportunities for them to be able to receive references from their work experience to support their transition into work or to the next level of their progression. Young people who are seeking employment tend to find it difficult getting into employment. However we use our wealth of experience to progress each learner referred through to us to the next level. .

We work in partnership with Courses and Jobs (C&J), a sister company of Learners Progress College (LPC). C&J also works directly with employers and provides us with services which we at LPC may need, in order to support the learner further.
We are also an exam centre for GCSEs and A Level exams. We can carry out onsite exams for Functional Skills and GCSEs. Our learners can feel comfortable when sitting exams at our site as they are already familiar with the building. 

We work directly with Trinity College London and are a listed centre to support learners with their ESOL as they settle in education.

We are a small but diverse training provider who supports learners from all walks of life regardless of the background and circumstances. We are always able to support our learners as we work as part of a network with providers and employers.

Our Young People Courses and Jobs Referral Network

Here at Learners Progress College we thrive on delivering exceptional, engaging and encouraging learning. Our team promotes a welcoming environment for all students regardless of their educational backgrounds. Diversity and equality is a key aspect within Learners Progress College campus, promoting the health and well-being of all students that we support.

We understand that not all students can learn and develop in the same way as others. With engaging one-to-one support, regular personal advisor appointments and a supportive team, we ensure that no student is left behind.

Within the classroom, it is important for us that every student receives the education and the career progression that they deserve and therefore we take dedicated time to cater for their individual needs.

Our Partnership Work within our Courses and Jobs Network

We have two progression pathways for students who are referred through to us.  We strongly believe in partnership work as it provides avenues for young people to benefit from professionals and experts that share the same passion and values in terms of enabling and facilitating progression. 

Support from within our network

With a wide range of courses, career pathways and progression routes we can cater for learners with the support of training organisations and employers who are registered and approved scheme members within our network.  

How it works

  • Once a learner is referred through to us, the learner is assigned to a Courses and Jobs Support Specialist
  • The learner will then attends an Information Advice and Guidance session(IAG) with the assigned Support Specialist
  • The learner will then subsequently be supported on a programme suitable to cater for his or her needs within our college or within the network.  An individual progression plan(IPP) will be created to be actioned moving forward. A copy of the IPP will be sent to the referring organisation if required. 
  • The referring organisation can keep in contact throughout the process and also request for a progression report to be sent monthly

Our Pre-Apprenticeship Programme

Firstly, our pre-apprenticeship route prepares students for an apprenticeship or normal paid work.  We are passionate about learners accessing high quality work placements and ensuring that hands on, work experience is undertaken as a core element of the training. Not only can students receive invaluable skillsets and personal experience in a high quality work placement, but they are also prepared to potentially walk away with all the qualifications they need, including GCSE Maths and English or Functional Skills if required. 

Progression to University Programme

Secondly, we provide a pre-university route which expands and develops learners’ abilities both academically and personally to be ready and prepared for university. Personal development is essential before attending any new course. We ensure that this progression route is supportive, swift and stress-free. With essential qualifications, increasing UCAS points to the required amount and supporting learners, we ensure their chosen university pathway is both successful and relevant.

Our Partnership Work within our Courses and Jobs Network

Referrals may include:

  • Learners who are struggling to continue within a large classroom environment
  • Learners leaving a programme and need support to continue engaging academically and economically with bespoke support within a greater support network
  • Learners who prefer to continue their education in a more hands on format such as within the working environment.
  • Learners who need to resit their GCSEs or Functional Skills
  • Learners who are short UCAS points and need support with additional top up qualifications
  • Learners who are leaving care or already care leavers

The list above is not exhaustive, therefore, we are happy to take referrals even if they are not indicated here.   

Frequently Asked Questions regarding pre-apprenticeship training:

  1. What is the purpose of a pre-apprenticeship?

Pre-Apprenticeships are similar to traineeships. These are programmes designed to support progression on to an apprenticeship. A learner may need support with self-confidence to be effective in a given job role. A learner may also need support with Math and English. A learner may need support with pre-employment training and preparation. A leaner may certainly struggle on an apprenticeship if  not ‘job ready’. A pre-apprenticeship training programme will support progression into paid employment.

It is important to note that our pre-apprenticeship training programme comes with paid work placement occasionally.

2. Is there a specific time of the year that a learner needs to enrol?
No, we recruit on a weekly basis

3. What are the sectors?
We currently have pre-apprenticeships in the areas below but please ask about the others not mentioned:

• Teaching Assistants
• Childcare
• Health and Social Care
• Business and Office Admin
• Legal Assistants
• Construction
• And more…………

Kindly join our courses and jobs network and benefit from receiving and making referrals.

Visit our dedicated Courses and Jobs Advertiser site where learners are able to search for opportunities once they are on our programme: www.coursesandjobs.com   

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