Would you like an apprenticeship but need pre-training to build your self-confidence and or competence?


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of a pre-apprenticeship?
Pre-Apprenticeships are similar to traineeships. These are programmes designed to support your progression on to an apprenticeship. You may need support with self-confidence to be effective in a given job role. You may also need support with your Math and English. You may need support with pre-employment training and preparation. You will certainly struggle on an apprenticeship if you are not ‘job ready’. A pre-apprenticeship training programme will support your progression into paid employment.

It is important to note that our pre-apprenticeship training programme comes with paid work placement in most instances .

2. Is there a specific time of the year that I need to enrol?
No, we recruit on a weekly basis

3. What are the sectors?
We currently have pre-apprenticeships in the areas below but please ask about the others not mentioned below:

• Teaching Assistants
• Childcare
• Health and Social Care
• Business and Office Admin
• Legal Assistants
• Construction
• And more…………

4. Will I be assigned a Personal Tutor