We work within a professional network and our  Business Development team is happy to work in partnerships with:

  • Solicitors for our A1, A2, B1 SELT Preparation Courses and or Life in the UK Exam preparation
  • Cab Companies – for ISEI B1 SELT Preparation Courses & meeting TfLs English requirement
  • PCO Companies – for ISEI B1 SELT Preparation Courses & meeting TfLs English requirement
  • Private Tutors -Training Organisations – Parents – Exams for GCSE and A Levels at our Ilford branch – We register students as private candidates for GCSE and A level exams
  • Training organisations – ESOL – Skills for Life and Spoken English for Work (SEW) Exams at our Ilford branch.  Exams facilitated by Trinity College London

​Our current partners and their clients are benefiting from our support as we offer nothing less but quality in our service delivery. You can expect the same for your company and clients.

Contact us on 0203 475 5499 if you require more information.

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