Partnership Work with Parents 

We aim to respond to all inquiries and requests within 24 hours but currently, this might not be possible at all times due to the high demand for our service.  Therefore, kindly be patient with us and we do apologise for the inconvenience while waiting.  We promise to communicate with you at the earliest convenient time.

Kindly contact us and let us know the service you require.  Some of the services are listed below but only a few are included on the site. Kindly contact us for any service that is not indicated as we should be able to help through our large network.  


University Support Referral Service

We have a variety of Higher Education specialists within our network who would be happy to provide support with UCAS applications including supporting with proofreading personal statements, supporting with the submission process, advising on university choices and so on.

Learn from Home (Remotely Learning) – Online Courses for Work or University Transition

We are aware that there are young people and adults who prefer to study at home, most times due to circumstances beyond their control. Thus we ensure to network with training and course providers who can provide online and or distant learning opportunities.

Careers Advice for Young People

Should I go into work or straight into University?  This is one of the many questions that young people usually ask. However, it does not matter what the anxiety is, one of our careers advisor should be able to help.