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Research skills equip learners with a higher level of knowledge and skills that will allow them to be self-directed and focused in a specific field of expertise. Research is undertaken in a range of disciplines and is quite prevalent in domains such as medicine, science and academia. Research is paramount in terms of establishing what has been experienced and discovered in the past, relating this to current studies in the field, and providing some sort of hypothesis or prediction for the future. Research involves the exploration of a range of primary and secondary sources of information. From theses sources, conclusions can be drawn regarding a particular question or theory that may need to be investigated and tested. Submitting a research proposal, may be based upon these original findings, and through the adoption of a research methodology, new discoveries could be unearthed and recorded.. There are a number of elements that contribute to research.

These can include the application of a research methodology that will determine how the research is conducted and also whether it will be of a qualitative or quantitative nature. The research question should spearhead the studies and provide a focus on a specific area, idea, concept or development. On completion of this unit learners should be able to conduct a literature review that will engage them in identifying a range of primary and secondary information sources. Learners will be able to critique sources and triangulate the information gathered to determine currency and validity in the area of study undertaken.

Learners will also engage in research seminars both as a participant and as a reviewer. The seminars will be used as a forum to disseminate good practice, and to create an awareness of topical issues within their chosen research field.

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:
1 Understand different research methodologies
2 Know how to conduct a literature review
3 Be able to present a research proposal
4 Be able to contribute to a research seminar.


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