Traineeship Work Placement Payment Incentive

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The registration form allows you to register and apply for the employer incentive payments for supporting a work placement on an approved Traineeship programme. Your training provider or college will be able to advise you on the eligibility for this payment. Please do not apply for the payment until your training provider advises that you have met the eligibility criteria and provides you with the information required for the application. (Non-compliance to this instruction could put your organisation at risk of not receiving the incentive payment therefore ensure to corporate with the training provider as the guidelines and processes must be followed)

Full guidance and eligibility criteria can be found on GOV.UK.

If you need help with this form, contact the DfE on 08000 150 600 and choose option 1 followed by option 2, or send an email to

Before you start

  • You must have the unique learner number (ULN) and work placement postcode of all trainees for which you wish to apply for an employer incentive payment. This will be provided to you by your training provider once the work placement has been completed.
  • The training provider must have updated their ESFA and records to confirm that you have met the requirements of the work placement and are eligible to receive payments.
  • You will not be able to make a claim until DfE records on the completed work placement have been updated.
  • If you have previously registered with us for the employer incentive payments or apprenticeship incentive payment, you will need to provide your vendor registration number

Very important additional notes to bear in mind before claims can be made:

Claims cannot be made unless all the relevant details are updated on the learner record by the training provider.  If the details submitted by the employer is not the same as the submission by the training provider then no payments will be made.  Therefore, the employer should not go ahead and make claims until all actions are taken by the training provider.  Refer to here if you are already one of our employers.

Funding Agency Audits and Checks(ESFA)

The ESFA is the funding body that will be issuing the incentive on behalf of the government to the employers who are eligible following an audit.  Checks will be carried out as set out in clause 4.2 of the traineeship agreement which can be found on GOV.UK.

These checks may include verifying what the employer has updated on the Traineeship Employer Incentive Registration against the data submitted by the training provider.  It may also include eligibility evidences such as attendance and so on. Note that unannounced visits may be made so it is important to keep policies and the evidences supplied during your risk assessment visible and available to be inspected.  

  • Ensure to  be able to provide evidence promptly when requested in writing to do so by the ESFA

Following the submission of the traineeship employer registration form, the ESFA will undertake a verification process by conducting the necessary checks to check if the employer meets the eligibility criteria.  This process takes 90 days from the date the application is made.  

Once the verification process is completed and the ESFA is satisfied that payments can be made, then the payment will be made on the 17th day of the next calendar month.  

Not successful 

Where the outcome is that the funding agency is not satisfied with the outcome and no payment will be made, the employer will be notified within 10 working days of the completion of the verification process.