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We are currently enrolling on these BTEC courses within our college and will continue enrolling throughout the year.  Enrol today and start tomorrow!

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Let us work together to support young people and the unemployed to progress a career.

Join the scheme and support in making  a lot of young people and jobseekers happy.  Advertise your opportunities on our courses and Jobs Digital billboard.  Also, take the opportunity to search for students seeking relevant courses, traineeships, apprenticeships  and so on and jobseekers registered in the scheme awaiting opportunities by specialisms.   

Contact the Scheme Support Specialist team on 020 3475 5499 to move things forward or Alternatively, complete the request a call back link below.


Take advantage of the opportunity to advertise your job vacancies, internships, work experience placements, on the job training programmes, traineeships, or classified advertisements(student accommodations, books, seminars and so on) for free without the usual hassles and most importantly – no charge at all. Yes, free advertisement(s) with our basic package on our courses and Jobs digital billboard site. This is guaranteed in our terms and conditions.

There are available jobseekers, students, freelancers and  so on  waiting to respond to your offers.

Take advantage of the opportunity to search or browse our registered users who are available and seeking opportunities to progress.  

Course and Training Providers

Advertise your courses, apprenticeships, traineeships and so on for free. Your courses and provision will also be made available to our student referral service team within the scheme.  

Also, take the opportunity to join our network and students referral scheme.  We have a variety of students waiting to be supported into employment, on a course, into university and so on. Note that organisations will need to be approved within our scheme to access referrals and our  Support Team would be more than happy to start the process. 

  • Refer students through who need to progress to the next level following completion of their course if  your organisation is unable to facilitate  their progression so that they can be supported within the scheme
  • Refer students through if they have been withdrawn from your programme so that they can be supported within the scheme on an alternative provision

Additionally, note that you do not have to be in the scheme to refer students or candidates to us. 

Freelancers - Job Seekers - Service Providers

Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your skills to a wide target audience  of students, parents seeking private tutors, Employers and so on who will certainly benefit from your support.

Also, take the opportunity to join our referral scheme as we have a portfolio of Registered Users with available opportunities.  Our Support Specialist Referral Team would be delighted to hear from you.  

Let employers know your availability  in terms of the days you can offer and the time which will be seen on your profile.  

Youth Clubs and Charities

Join the courses and jobs scheme and refer young people and adults through who are seeking progression into employment or university.  

Additionally, there are a variety of Scheme Users that would benefit from your support.  Advertise your opportunities for free.  


Colleges and Course Providers, Recruitment Agencies, Current Employers, Local Agencies, Local Authorities, Job Centres, Charities, Parents, Youth Clubs, and the local community, thanks for your continued support in keeping our Service Users economically and academically active.

Your continued support and participation in our Courses and Jobs scheme is highly appreciated. 

Students, Jobseekers & Freelancers(e.g. tutors),  login and access your dashboard.  You will then be able to:

Create a profile with the required details to be matched to opportunities

  1. Upload your CV
  2. Search and Apply for Opportunities
  3. Manage your offers 
  4. Receive regular alerts of new opportunities 
  5. Access the university support portal if required
  6. Showcase your skills and availability if you are a freelancer, for example, a tutor or assessor  
  7. Also assigned a Support Specialist if applicable
  8. and More..

Very Simple Steps to Login 

Register and create an account as a:

  • Scheme Service User(student, freelancer(.e.g.tutor) & jobseeker)
  • Scheme Advertiser(employer,course and service provider, youth clubs, charities)

This will take less than 5 minutes. You will then have access to your User dashboard to use the site.

Employers, Courses & Service Providers, Youth Clubs and Charities,  login and access your dashboard.  You will then be able to:

  1. Create a profile with the required details so that you can post offers and receive responses from our registered Scheme Users. 
  2. Manage the responses to your offers
  3. Search for Freelancers, for example, tutors where applicable 
  4. Search for students seeking courses and opportunities to progress
  5. Search for candidates seeking employment related offers 
  6. Search students and adults seeking career advice and opportunities to progress
  7. and More..


Our success is based on our bespoke and direct approach in implementing intervention strategies to support our learners to progress. We strongly believe in LEARNER PROGRESSION and subsequently ensure small group training and one to one support sessions thus meeting the needs of our learners.  We deliver and over deliver on our promises.


You can sit your GCSE or A LEVELS  exam with us.  This is free for students on our 16-19s provision and are available at a low cost for those not on our programme.

We are happy to prepare you for your ESOL Skills for life exam or Spoken English for Work

All Trinity College London exams are done within one of their Centres, however, the preparation training is done by us 

TFL PCO drivers Licence Applicants & Renewals – B1 English preparations are done by appointments 


Study with us online - Let us support your career progresson

Search for more online courses on the site. 

Online Course - Payment Plan Available - Award in Education - £350

Online Course - Payment Plan Available - Certificate or Diploma in Education

Online Course - Payment Plan Available - Support Work in School Award Level 3- Teaching Assistant

Online and Placement - Payment Plan Available - Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools specialist Diploma -£1500