Legal Assistant Course and Work Placement close to your home
Construction Health & Safety Training with CSCS Cards

Health and Social Care Course and Work Experience close to your home – level 1,2 or 3

Take advantage of the employers within our network who have made their care homes available for you to embark on a career in the health industry.  Learners Progress College Support Team is currently working in partnership to support young people within the age range of  16-19s to gain valuable on the job training while progressing a BTEC qualification.  If you are over this age range, kindly contact us as we have options available for you.   Contact us now on 020 3475 5499 for further information.  See below:
Duration: 3 to 6 months 
Location: You will be assigned to an employer closer to you 
Course:  BTEC Health and Social Care certificate or diploma levels 2 or 3

If we are unable to help because of your location then we will refer you to our partners within our Courses and Jobs referral network. 

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