​Courses can be done within the college or remotely online with a tutor. We offer a very flexible payment plan option if you do not require a student loan. Your deposit depends on the course and the price. Courses between £250 and £500 will require a deposit of £100. Courses up to £250 will require a deposit of £50 and courses from £500 upwards will require a deposit of £200. Your deposits will be followed by monthly payments based on what you can afford to pay monthly. This is not dictated to you.


This funding is not always available hence contact our office to confirm . This student loan is applicable to all our level 3 courses and above.

Please contact our course Advisors on 020 3475-5499 with regards to your course choice and you will also be advised of the process. This is available on all courses at level 3 and the course price must be £300 and above. This is usually a very quick process. You will need to be a UK resident for 3 years. Following an IAG(Information, Advice and Guidance) session, if you are eligible for the application process, you will be issued a student loan letter outlining the process and the procedure on making your application online.

Please contact our course advisors on 020 3475 5499 to make an inquiry.