Exam Results - 2019/2020

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 cohort of students who did exceptionally well and have progressed into university or employment.

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Employers and Course Providers – Advertise your vacancies or Courses for free.  Jobseekers and students are waiting for opportunities.  Can you offer work experience opportunities, paid work, an apprenticeship and so on.  Contact the referrals team at Courses and Jobs Advertiser and Recruitment Solutions on 020 3475 9775.  They are currently approving partners within their network and would be happy to create the advertisements for you.  Join the network and support jobseekers and students to kickstart or enhance their career objectives.

Proud Partners Of The Courses & Jobs Referral Network

Our course and recruitment team works closely with the Courses and Jobs specialist referral team  at Course and Jobs Advertiser and Recruitment Solutions to  provide bespoke support to our students and unemployed. The network supports with employment opportunities and training/courses for progression into employment or university.

Apprenticeship & Traineeship Opportunities From Our Network

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Our Teacher Training & Teaching Assistant Specialist Programme

We are currently supporting the employed and unemployed to progress a career in the education industry.  Therefore, if you would like to be trained to work in the education environment as a teacher, support worker, a teaching assistant and so on, then contact us.

We may have a solution for you to support your progression. Contact our admissions department on 0203 475 5499, a support specialist would be very happy to speak to you.

Our Exam Centre For Private Candidates

Support For The Unemployed

Enhance your career opportunities. Take advantage of the courses, work placements and job opportunities that are available on the site that were made possible through our referral network.  It is very simple to browse opportunities.

Support For The Employed

Contact us if you are employed and would like to complete a course to retain your current position  or move up to the next level.

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Our Distance-blended-learning Courses

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Take advantage of our distance and blended-learning courses. Let us support your career progression.  Search for distance learning courses on the site and also for those made available from high-quality partners.  Contact the referral specialist team for support.

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